A Political Grifter is a person who uses the political process as a way to enrich themselves. The term “grifter” refers to a con artist or a swindler who obtains money by tricking people. In politics, it is used to describe people who exploit the political arena for personal financial gain.


Unmasking the Truth: Why Mark Walker Is Wrong for District 6

Political Grifter is a person who uses the political process as a way to enrich themselves. The term “grifter” refers to a con artist or a swindler who obtains money by tricking people. In politics, it is used to describe people who exploit the political arena for personal financial gain.

Mark Walker’s political career is marked by a series of controversial actions and allegations that raise serious questions about his integrity and commitment to public service. His deviation from the initial pledge of a six-year term limit and his involvement in a federal corruption probe highlights a pattern of behavior that contradicts the principles of ethical political conduct.

The challenges he faces with the mismanagement of campaign funds and his interactions with key political figures further exacerbate concerns about his suitability for public office. These incidents, combined with his unsuccessful ventures in both gubernatorial and congressional races, as well as in media, portray a picture of a political figure whose actions are frequently in conflict with the ideals of transparent and accountable governance.

He signed the Term Limits Pledge to serve only 6 years in Congress-Walker is Now violating his pledge. Read his Pledge to Support Term Limits. Why Pastor Walker?

Mark Walker is involved in a federal corruption probe in North Carolina that has led to the indictment of the state GOP chairman on bribery charges. Know the FACTS at The Hill. Read the FACTS at GOP Rep. Mark Walker entangled in federal corruption probe in North Carolina. The federal corruption probe that has rocked the North Carolina Republican Party and led to the indictment of former Rep. Robin Hayes.

Mark Walker mixed up in federal corruption investigation? Yes… North Carolina State Republican Party Chairman Robin Hayes, 73, and businessman Greg Lindberg, 48, were indicted in Charlotte federal court Tuesday on charges of wire fraud and bribery along with associates. Politico reports that Lindberg donated $150,000 to Walker around the same time he asked Walker to push North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey to fire his deputy. Read the FACT at The Washington Examiner

Mark Walker said he would stay in North Carolina Senate race according to The Hill, Later he attempted a short failure in running for NC Governor in May 2023 and now Congress in an 18-month period. Is he just looking for a career political job? Looks like a Political Grifter!

Disgruntled Mark Walker told former President Donald J Trump that he made a mistake backing North Carolina GOP Senate rival Ted Budd for Senate. Read the NEWS at The Washington Examiner. President Trump made a good decision endorsing Ted Budd as he was victorious in winning the 2022 election for the US Senate.

According to the North Carolina State Board of Elections, Mark Walker recently raised over $553,714 for Governor and cannot use the funds in a U.S. House race. Walker must return it or launder the funds through a Super PAC. Thus far he has only returned a small portion of the money he raised for Governor and only when asked for it by the donors. Some donors have been told he will only return some of their funds but not all that they donated. This is wrong Pastor Walker.

State Authorities Launch Investigations into Mark Walker’s “Alliance Defending Freedom” Republican former Congressman and failed U.S. Senate hopeful Mark Walker unveiled a project called “Win the Courts” in mid-2022. As its name implies, “Win the Courts” was dedicated to assisting Republican candidates in elections for the state Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. Read the FACTS at Carolina Forward.

The Walker 4 NC campaign reported paying $50,000 to the WilmerHale law firm on Dec. 21 for legal services. The campaign spending reports of U.S. Rep. Mark Walker show a $50,000 payment to a Washington, D.C., law firm that specializes in white-collar defense and congressional investigations as reported in the Raleigh News and Observer

Mark Walker spoke to an audience at the McLeansville Wildlife Club during his Senate run where he said “You don’t get corrupt in Washington DC, you get corrupt on your way to Washington DC”. Mark, I have to ask… Why are you so excited to get corrupt?

He tried to produce and failed a for-profit political cable television program and political speakers forum in 2022.

Mark Walker has never had a real business job other than being an Associate Pastor for a Baptist Church. How does that qualify him to be a leader for our community on business matters, foreign affairs, legal issues that concern our country, and fighting for a better economy? 

Finally, Mark, What is Advancing Hope USA a 501c4 organization founded by you in 2022? Is this just another scheme for you to raise money for your Political Grifter activities? How is not related to the campaign agency active in America’s highest stakes races and debates by the name of PUSH DIGITAL?

U.S. Congress District 6 would be better off without a figure like Mark Walker, whose career has been marred by allegations and actions that align with the behavior of a Political Grifter. His departure from initial pledges, involvement in corruption investigations, and questionable campaign finance practices raise serious doubts about his suitability for such a crucial public service role.