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A nationwide cellular outage has sparked fears of a potential cyberattack, prompting federal agencies like the FBI and DHS to launch investigations. Experts are weighing in on the vulnerability of our data infrastructure in this interconnected world.

FBI and Homeland Security Rush to Investigate Potential Cyberattack on AT&T Network, With Security Expert Citing Hack Characteristics

The nation held its breath as cellular networks across the country plunged into darkness, leaving millions stranded in a digital abyss. Federal agencies, including the FBI and DHS, scrambled to uncover the source of the outage, fearing the ominous specter of a cyberattack. As experts speculated on the nature of the disruption, concerns mounted about the vulnerability of our data infrastructure in an increasingly interconnected world. Meanwhile, the clock ticked, and the pressing question lingered: What triggered this massive outage, and could it happen again?

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