Elect Christian Castelli: A Battle-Tested Green Beret Lt. Colonel Bringing Strong Leadership and Military Experience to Represent NC District 6

Christian Castelli: A Battle-Tested Green Beret Lt. Colonel Ready to Lead NC District 6 with Unmatched Experience and Dedication

Christian Castelli is not just another candidate – he’s a retired Green Beret Lt. Colonel with the battle-tested experience our country needs in Congress.

As a former Senior Military Advisor to the Office of the Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon and Command Inspector General for the U.S. Government, Christian Castelli possesses the strategic acumen and oversight expertise crucial for effective decision-making in matters of national defense and military affairs. His dedication to crucial issues like border security, economic growth, and parents’ rights sets him apart from the competition:

Border and Crime: With his military background, Christian brings a unique perspective to tackling border security and crime, ensuring a safer future for our communities.

National Security: With over two decades of service as a United States Army Officer, including roles commanding up to 3,500 troops and earning commendations such as the Legion of Merit and Bronze Stars, Christian Castelli has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to safeguarding the nation’s security interests.

Foreign Policy: Christian’s extensive military experience, including 14 deployments to hostile fire zones worldwide, equips him with invaluable insight into global dynamics and security challenges.

Economy: Christian is committed to fostering economic growth and reducing debt, paving the way for a prosperous future for our nation.

Advocate for Parents’ Rights: As a parent of a special needs child and with his wife Sharon’s experience as a school superintendent, Christian understands firsthand the importance of advocating for parents’ rights and ensuring every child receives a quality education.

Right Person at the Right Time: With national security at stake, Christian comprehends the gravity of the situation. His background uniquely positions him to serve our country once again, this time in the United States Congress.