CensorTrack Hits 5,000 Documented Cases of Big Tech Censorship

Censortrack, a platform that monitors online censorship, has reached a significant milestone by documenting 5,000 cases of censorship by big tech companies.

The increasing trend of online censorship has been a cause for concern for individuals and organizations alike. Censortrack’s mission is to track and report these incidents, shedding light on the issue and promoting transparency in online platforms.

With 5,000 recorded cases, Censortrack has become a valuable resource for those seeking to understand the extent and impact of online censorship. The platform covers a wide range of topics, including political censorship, social media censorship, and censorship of scientific and medical information.

“Elon Musk exposed Twitter’s partisan censorship to protect Hunter and the Biden family. Congress needs to dig into what the rest of Big Tech did to deliver the election to Joe Biden,” said MRC President Brent Bozell. “The media and the radical left continue to deny censorship of conservatives. We now have 5,000 documented cases in our exclusive CensorTrack.org database.” 

Censortrack’s work is important in promoting free speech and ensuring that individuals and organizations are not silenced on the internet. The platform’s dedication to documenting and reporting on censorship is an essential step toward creating a more open and transparent online environment.

The cases documented by Censortrack demonstrate the significant power that big tech companies hold over the dissemination of information online. The platform’s data shows that the most common targets of censorship are conservative voices, alternative media outlets, and dissenting views on controversial issues.

These cases of censorship have been perpetrated by every major Big Tech platform including Twitter, which covers 56 percent of the database; Meta, Facebook and Instagram, (a combined 28%); Google and Google-owned YouTube (a combined 9%); and communist Chinese government-tied TikTok (3%).

Censortrack’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, with many individuals and organizations calling for increased regulation of big tech companies to prevent the suppression of free speech. The platform’s data has been used to support calls for increased transparency and accountability in online platforms.

However, some have criticized Censortrack’s methodology and claimed that the platform is biased towards conservative viewpoints. Despite these criticisms, Censortrack has continued to work towards its mission of promoting transparency and free speech online.

Moving forward, it is essential that efforts to combat online censorship continue. The internet has become an essential tool for communication and the dissemination of information, and it is important that this tool remains open and accessible to all. Censortrack’s work has been a crucial step in this direction, and it is important that this work continues to ensure that the internet remains a platform for free and open discourse.

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